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Susan Rubin, Writer


The Road Not Taken, a novel by Susan Rubin
Harvard Square Editions
Release date: July 4, 2020
Trade Paperback $22.95 and E-book formats 290 pgs.
Available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Brodart, Amazon, bookstores everywhere

The Road Not Taken is the debut novel by award winning playwright and documentarian, Susan Rubin. Sensual, funny, and magical, The Road Not Taken is filled with real life, historical, and mythological characters.

Rubin’s writing talents range broad and deep: her Funny or Die sketches have survived to amuse readers for nearly a decade. In contrast, Rubin has written over two dozen documentaries that deal in the unfunny issues facing women worldwide: Domestic Violence, Forced Child Marriage, Untested Rape kits accumulating in police evidence rooms by the tens of thousands. In each documentary, Rubin has used her skill, empathy, and compassion to render these darkest of topics into accessible films distributed to tens of thousands of college classrooms, to educate young people about the gravity of the situation for women in the USA and worldwide.

As a playwright, Rubin has been the recipient of 20 years of Los Angeles County Arts Commission Grants and Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department Grants. She also was honored with a six-year residency at the prestigious Los Angeles Theatre Center. Her plays have been seen at New York Theatre Workshop, Baltimore Center Stage, and at every major 99 seat theatre in Los Angeles including co-productions with Bootleg Theatre, Circle X, Skylight Theatre to name a few. She is the recipient of Garland, Ovation and LA Weekly Awards for her plays and the critical response has been exceptional.

Now, Rubin has turned her attention to writing a novel. In The Road Not Taken, she has created a magical realist view of the universe as seen through the eyes of a housewife who is widowed at 50 and must suddenly find a life. The character, who has spent her lifetime knowing very little about what goes on inside herself, returns to her childhood home, New York’s Greenwich Village. Here, she encounters her doppelganger while shopping at Bloomingdale’s. Though this stranger appears to be her identical twin, she is, in fact, a member of The Lost, a group of 100 souls dropped on Earth in human form 50 million years ago. This group shows our protagonist the realities of the universe, including travel on the Space/Time continuum, in order to prepare her to write an argument for or against the ongoing existence of planet Earth.

From a liaison with Egypt’s greatest mythic god, Osiris, to a close relationship with Vincent Van Gogh, whom she meets when she crawls inside his painting ‘Bedroom in Arles’, this formerly suburban woman learns the depth of the human spirit and the importance of finding one’s Contract with Creation. In her exploration she is advised by a Yoruban Priestess who teaches her that the greatest battles can be won without weapons, if the participants have strong enough beliefs.

The Road Not Taken offers any reader an exhilarating ride around the Cosmos, culminating in a final appearance before the Lost, where our heroine examines the human soul, cruelty, and mortality as her response to whether or not Earth qualifies as a planet worth the energy it takes up in our Universe.